Up to 300 detainees at protests in the Netherlands

Police in the said that between 250 and 300 people were detained during Sunday’s riots in various cities.

This was reported by NOS.

“Many people are still in custody in Amsterdam and Eindhoven,” said a police spokesman.

There were 2,100 fines for curfew violations on Sunday, and another 3,600 were issued on Saturday. “Yesterday we imposed fewer fines because we were more concerned about maintaining public order,” the police explained.

In various cities in the Netherlands, businessmen worried about the likelihood of more nailed up store windows and doors of stores and cafes.

Authorities in the cities of Rosendaal and Nijmegen have declared an emergency order. This means that no one is allowed in the city center between 5:00 p.m. and 04:30 a.m. The streets will be patrolled by additional police forces.

As a reminder, against restrictions began in a number of cities in the on the afternoon of January 24, or shortly before curfew began, in the evening.

Protests on a larger or smaller scale took place in The Hague, Tilburg, Enschede, Venlo, Helmond — about ten cities in all.

Police spokesman Cohen Simmers commented to the media, expressing fears that the events of the evening of January 24 were just the beginning, and similar disturbances are still possible in the coming days and weeks.

He said that the level of violence on the evening of January 24 has not been seen in the country for 40 years and that in Eindhoven some individuals even rushed at the police with knives.

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