Unemployment in Germany fell more than expected in August

Unemployment in Germany fell more than expected in August

The German Employment Bureau reported a decrease in the number of unemployed in in August this year by 53 thousand — to 2.538 million people. According to experts, the decrease in the indicator was expected only by 40 thousand unemployed people.

The decline in the number of unemployed, which exceeded experts ‘ estimates, is due to the continuing economic recovery, even against the background of new cases of coronavirus.

This month, unemployment fell to the lowest level since March last year, amounting to 5.5%. In the previous month, it was fixed at the level of 5.6%.

The number of people infected with has been increasing in the country since July. However, thanks to large-scale vaccination, the number of deaths from has decreased, and therefore the German authorities did not introduce new restrictions to curb its spread.

According to Destatis, the number of unemployed in the previous month was 1.56 million people. Compared to June, the indicator decreased by 19 thousand. In July, the number of employees increased by 121 thousand.

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