UK and EU set to close a narrow trade deal

Brussels and London intend to do everything possible to rule out the option of a chaotic exit from the European Union.

According to the latest information, active consultations are currently underway. As a result, a narrow trade deal may be concluded. So far, there has been no official confirmation of reaching an agreement. However, markets expect this to happen today.

It is known that Boris Johnson held an overnight meeting with his ministers. And the members of the negotiating groups studied the legal documents related to the agreement. At the same time, experts note that even if the deal is concluded, it will only affect the terms of trade between the and European countries.

The question remains unresolved regarding financial services, which account for almost 80% of the British economy. What will happen with the admission of financial institutions to the market after January 1 is still unclear.

There is a week left before the end of the transition period after Brexit. At the same time, numerous issues have not been resolved.

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