Typhoon in Japan washed $1 million worth of sculpture into the sea

Typhoon in Japan washed $1 million worth of sculpture into the sea

A typhoon washed the sculpture “Yellow Pumpkin” by the famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama from the embankment of Naoshima island in Kagawa prefecture to the sea.

The giant yellow pumpkin in black polka dots was installed on the waterfront in 1994 and has been a major tourist attraction ever since.

The sculpture is almost two meters tall. Normally, the pumpkin is not too tightly secured to the base so that if a typhoon threatens, it can be removed and transported to safety. But this time a typhoon hit the island abruptly, and the sculpture was ripped from its mount and carried into the sea. Fortunately, the pumpkin didn’t have much time to swim away — after a while, it was nailed to the shore.

As writes Artnet, the design was struck several times by the rocks, through which cracks appeared in it. The sculpture, which is estimated to cost over $1 million, has now been sent to the Benesse Art Site to be restored. After the necessary work, the “yellow pumpkin” will be returned to its original place.

Let’s notice, that in June at Christie’s auction for $3,7 million was sold a similar pumpkin of Yayoi Kusama, and in May another work of the artist was purchased at the auction at Sotheby’s for $2 million.

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