Twitter Discusses TweetDeck Subscription Launch

Other monetization options include subscribing to creators with exclusive content, sources say.

Teams within are looking at options to reduce dependence on ad sales, Bloomberg sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg. According to them, at least one of them is associated with “tips” or another opportunity to pay authors for exclusive content.

Other options include subscribing to services such as TweetDeck or additional features such as advanced profile settings or the “undo send” feature. TweetDeck is now free and ad-free.

has been discussing the subscription idea for several years, several former employees told the agency. For example, in 2017 it was also about providing users with additional features in TweetDeck. But no tests were run. On February 9, Twitter will release reports and, possibly, tell more, the newspaper writes.

A spokesman confirmed to TechCrunch that the company is researching and experimenting with new models, but declined to provide details.

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