Turkey starts seismic works in the Mediterranean

Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis has resumed seismic operations in the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkish Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Fatih Donmez said this, Anadolu reports on Wednesday, October 14.

“Oruc Reis is located in the region of ongoing work. Research began yesterday, today we will begin to receive the first seismic readings,” the minister said.

The Oruc Reis vessel is capable of conducting shelf research at a depth of 8,000 meters (3D) to 15,000 meters (2D).

Earlier, the Turkish authorities issued another international notification Navtex, by which Ankara reserved an area for exploration in the Mediterranean by the Oruc Reis vessel. The validity period of Navtex is 12-22 October 2020.

As you know, has decided to conduct seismic research in the disputed waters in the eastern Mediterranean Sea near Cyprus, despite the protests of Greece. Athens in this matter was supported by the EU, in particular France. The controversy subsided when Turkey withdrew its research vessel, but now the is flaring up again.

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