Trump pledges free COVID medicine

The head of state acknowledged that a against a new type of  will be ready in the United States only after the .

US President Donald Trump promised every American the same treatment for coronavirus as he himself received. At the same time, the drugs that he took, patients will receive free of charge. This is stated in a new video message from the head of the White House, released on Thursday, October 8, on .

“I want everyone to receive the same treatment as your president. They gave me Regeneron, and it was just incredible, I instantly felt better,” the American leader said.

He also informed that, on an emergency basis, he allowed the use of the said drug and its analogs, and they would be sent to hospitals.

“We will provide you with medicines, they will be free, we will transfer them to hospitals as soon as we can,” Trump said.

In addition, the head of state acknowledged that a vaccine against a new type of coronavirus will be ready in the United States only after the elections.

“We’ll have a great vaccine very, very soon. I think we need to get it before the elections, but frankly, the political environment is getting in the way. Okay, they want to play their game. It will be ready immediately after the elections.” — the president promised.

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