Trump accused American doctors of overstating COVID figures

Trump accused American doctors of overstating COVID figures

claims that doctors allegedly overestimate the statistics on  in order to make more money.

US President Donald Trump said that American doctors allegedly deliberately overestimate the statistics on coronavirus in order to make more money. He said this during an election meeting in Michigan, reports CNN on Saturday, October 31.

“Our doctors are very smart people. So, what are they doing? They say: sorry, but everyone dies of COVID … And this is about $2 thousand in allowances, so they have more money,” Trump said.

The publication writes that on October 30, the United States recorded the highest daily incidence rate for the entire period of the pandemic, and 17 states recorded a record number of hospitalizations. This became the third daily anti-record in three days.

Earlier, Trump promised that the pandemic would end soon. The American leader believes that Biden and his team are trying to intimidate people with .

Trump also said that the COVID-19 vaccine would put an end to the pandemic. In the United States, nearly 9 million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed, of which more than 230 thousand have resulted in the death of patients.

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