Tom Cruise settled on Abramovich’s yacht for $44 million

Tom Cruise settled on Abramovich's yacht for $44 million

It seems that the actor decided to take a break from filming in the movie “Mission Impossible 7” and arranged a vacation for himself. He has been vacationing for several weeks on a luxury yacht that belongs to Roman Abramovich.

It seems that has decided to take a break from filming the new part of the “Mission Impossible” franchise. According to Western media, the 59-year-old actor has been resting for several weeks on a luxury yacht, which, according to our foreign colleagues, belongs to Roman Abramovich. The cost of the yacht is estimated at $44 million.

The yacht has everything for a comfortable life: five cozy cabins, more like rooms of a fashionable hotel, a gym, and even a solarium. Onboard the yacht, you can take a hot tub or slide down a water slide. Jet skis, kayaks, wakeboards, and water skis are also provided for guests.

The filming of the film “Mission Impossible 7” was suspended last month due to a positive test for  in one of the crew members. Rumor has it that was the culprit since he has never been seen on the set since. We can’t blame Tom for this: to be honest, we would also prefer to spend time on Abramovich’s yacht.

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