Time magazine named 2020 the worst year in history

Time magazine on Saturday published the cover of the next issue, in which it called 2020 the worst year in history.

The cover depicts the number 2020 with a red cross. Below is the inscription “the worst year in history”.

The magazine also published a cover story written by American film critic Stephanie Zacharek. “In the history of the United States there were years or worse, and even more so the worst years happened world history, but most of those living today have never seen a year like this,” the article says.

The author noted that very few people remain who remember the difficult times of the influenza pandemic (“Spanish flu”) in 1918-1919, the Great Depression, and the First and Second World Wars. “The rest of us were unprepared for this: recurring natural disasters that show how badly we have offended nature; for whose results are disputed on the basis of fantasies; for a virus that was transmitted, probably from a bat, only to turn the life of almost all the inhabitants of the planet upside down and lead to the death of about 1.5 million people around the world, “Zakharek wrote.

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