Thousands of Parisians flee the city due to quarantine

Thousands of Parisians flee the city due to quarantine

Tens of thousands of Parisians caused huge traffic jams at night in an attempt to leave the capital ahead of the country’s quarantine.

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In Paris, tens of thousands of residents are leaving the city ahead of the start of a new nationwide quarantine, which took effect from midnight on October 30. The Daily Mail reports.

On the eve of the lockdown announcement, Parisians were emptying supermarkets and queuing up at hairdressers.

According to the Minister of Health of France, up to a million people in the country can get sick with COVID-19.

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Earlier it was reported that 47 637 new cases of  were recorded in yesterday, the rate of positive tests reached 19.4%.

It was also reported that France has declared the maximum level of the terrorist threat. This was announced by Prime Minister Jean Castex.

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