There are more US troops in Afghanistan than the Pentagon says — NYT

There is a thousand more American military personnel in the country than official sources say.

On the territory of Afghanistan, there are about 3.5 thousand US troops, while according to official data — 2.5 thousand. This is stated in the material of The New York Times, published on Sunday, March 14.

So, sources of the publication in the United States, Europe, and Afghanistan inform that about a thousand American military personnel are in the mentioned country unofficially.

In addition, the publication is convinced that this is a standard practice of the Pentagon — downplaying the actual volume of US forces stationed abroad — and therefore the relevant data is classified by the defense leadership.

As the newspaper informs, at its request, a Pentagon representative said that 2.5 thousand of their military are still stationed in Afghanistan.

Recall that the number of US military personnel in Afghanistan and was reduced to 2.5 thousand people in January this year by order of former US President Donald Trump.

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