The weightlifter who escaped from the Olympics was deported to Africa

The weightlifter who escaped from the Olympics was deported to Africa

A weightlifter from Uganda, Julius Sekitoleko, whom the whole of was looking for on the eve of the Olympic Games, managed to fly to the competition without passing the selection for the team

Weightlifter Sekitoleko, who disappeared before the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, was deported to his homeland. And on arrival in Uganda, he was detained by the local police.

It turned out that the weightlifter ran away from a hotel in Tokyo to stay in illegally. The authorities of the African state said they would investigate how a weightlifter who did not qualify for the Olympic team ended up in Tokyo with his coach.

“It is obvious that there is a possibility of fraud. Sekitoleko knew for sure that he did not qualify for the Olympics, but he still flew to Japan. The main question is: was he a conspirator?” Charles Twine of the Uganda Criminal Department said.

Recall that the Japanese found Julius in the city of Yokkaichi, not far from the train station thanks to surveillance cameras.

It is 200 km from the city of Izumisano, where the Ugandan team trained. The African got to Yokkaiti by train, he had a phone with him, but he did not have a passport — the document was previously seized by the heads of the delegation.

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