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The US has promised to respond to the SolarWinds cyber-attack and other “Russian actions”

The United States will respond to the cyberattack and other actions that is involved in within a few days. This was stated by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

One of the journalists recalled that on February 23, Psaki promised that the administration under the leadership of US President would respond to the cyber attack through SolarWinds within a few weeks, but not months.

“Is there any new data on this matter?” — asked the representative of the media.

“It’s still weeks, not months. I have no new data regarding the exact timing, ” Psaki said.

The NYT publication wrote that in the next three weeks, the United States plans to conduct cyber attacks on Russian networks as a response to the attack on the software company SolarWinds, in which the American side suspects Russia.

Before that, the White House accused the Russians of hacking with the help of SolarWinds software on nine US federal agencies and more than 100 private sector enterprises.

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