The US has begun negotiations with Berlin on the future of Nord Stream 2

Joe Biden’s administration is reviewing US policy on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline after resuming construction of the $11 billion project this month.

This is reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The Nord Stream 2 subsea pipeline is more than 90% complete, with just over 100 kilometers remaining to be laid. Construction resumed on February 6, more than a year after it stalled amid opposition from the Trump administration and acts of Congress that impose on companies and individuals involved in the projects.

So far, the Biden administration has not imposed the required by law.

However, it has now begun talks with Berlin about the future of the pipeline, including “threats of against companies involved in the construction of Nord Stream 2,” a German official said.

According to the newspaper, the administration is approaching a deadline on Tuesday when it must report a list of companies that may become a potential target of US sanctions. The United States may also refuse to impose due to national interests.

According to sources, members of the National Council met to discuss the pipeline, including Germany’s willingness to impose a moratorium on the project.

Earlier, the chairman of the Bundestag Committee on International Affairs, Norbert Ryotgen, proposed a moratorium on the construction of Nord Stream 2 as an alternative to sanctions.

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