The UK will issue indefinite visas to Afghans who cooperated with it

The UK will issue indefinite visas to Afghans who cooperated with it

Afghan refugees who have been evacuated to the UK, who have cooperated with the British military and the government, will be able to stay in the country indefinitely. This is stated in a statement by the Prime Minister of the kingdom, Boris Johnson, published on the government’s website.

According to Johnson, the owes a huge debt to the citizens of Afghanistan who collaborated with the British Armed Forces, and London will provide them and their families with the support they need to start living in the UK.

The document says that the British authorities will allocate 12 million pounds to provide additional school places, school transport, and the hiring of teachers for Afghan children. In addition, at least 3 million pounds will be spent on providing the arrived Afghans with medical services and their free vaccination.

In total, since the beginning of the evacuation on August 13, has taken almost 15 thousand people out of Afghanistan.

On August 15, the Taliban announced that it controls the territory of Afghanistan after its militants entered Kabul. President Ashraf Ghani has left the country. The next day, on August 16, the head of the British Ministry of Defense, Ben Wallace, called on countries to prepare for the influx of refugees from Afghanistan.

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