The U.S., following Britain, imposes new sanctions against Belarus

The U.S., following Britain, imposes new sanctions against Belarus

Monday, August 9, it became known that the U.S. would impose new against Belarus.

It was reported by AFP.

“The U.S. will impose new against the Belarusian regime. The Belarusian Olympic Committee has become a target of the new U.S. sanctions,” said a White House official.

The target Lukashenko’s supporters, including the Belarusian National Olympic Committee, business leaders, and companies such as the private Belarusian Bank. Also, the U.S. list of sanctions includes the Belaruskali enterprise.

They are also directed against fifteen companies linked to Lukashenko’s supporters and additional organizations working in the tobacco, construction, energy, and transport sectors of the Belarusian economy.

“The Lukashenko regime must allow for a legitimate international into the diversion of the Ryanair flight, immediately release all political prisoners, stop persecuting activists and dissidents, including those outside the country, and launch a genuine and inclusive political dialogue with the democratic opposition and civil society actors that will lead to free and fair presidential under OSCE observation,” the statement reads.

Note that the Belarusian Olympic Committee is headed by Viktor Lukashenko, son of the unrecognized president.

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