The U.S. and Britain move additional forces to Kabul to organize the evacuation

The U.S. and Britain move additional forces to Kabul to organize the evacuation

The United States and said they would send additional forces to the airport in Kabul to ensure order during the evacuation.

This is reported by the BBC and CNN.

will send about 200 military personnel to the Afghan capital, increasing its presence to about 900, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said.

He said expects to evacuate another 350 of its citizens and Afghans who were helping the British military “in the coming days.” A total of about 2,000 Afghans who cooperated with Britain have already been evacuated from Afghanistan by British flights. The government is also discussing how many refugees from Afghanistan the country is ready to accept.

Raab acknowledged that the situation is “not what we would like it to be, but we have to deal with the new reality.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said there are about 2,500 U.S. troops at the airport in Kabul right now, and they are getting ready for reinforcements. He said that by the morning of August 17, the number of U.S. troops will increase to about 3,000, and in a few days, once the necessary approvals are completed, it will probably rise to 6,000.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said there is also Canadian military personnel on the ground, and Canadian diplomats have already been evacuated.

Recall that after the transition of power in Afghanistan to the Taliban, thousands of Afghans and foreign nationals have formed a crush at the airport in Kabul and stormed the planes, trying to escape from the country, the control of the airport is kept by U.S. forces. The media, citing witnesses, reported the deaths of at least five people.

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