The popularity of the Finnish Prime Minister has seriously decreased

The policy of the Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin (Social Democratic Party) is supported by 55% of the population, on November 20, with reference to the results of a poll by Kantar TNS, the YLE TV and Radio Company reported.

In the spring, the popularity of the head of the Finnish government was at 69%, which indicates a gradual drop in the rating of the country’s leader. Experts note that now the popularity of the Prime Minister is expressed by supporters of all parties that make up the coalition government: the ruling Social Democratic Party, the Union of Left Forces, Center, Greens, and the Swedish People’s Party.

Dissatisfaction with Sanna Marin’s policy was expressed by 35% of respondents.

Sociologists also found that 60% are ready to go to the upcoming spring to local authorities in Finland. Mostly elderly people want to vote, while only half of the young people under 30 are ready to go to the polls in the spring.

The study involved 1252 people, the composition of the sample by age and sex corresponded to the population of Finland. The survey was conducted using the method of computer dialing.

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