The number of refugees in Germany has decreased for the first time in nine years

The Federal Ministry of the Interior linked the decrease in indicators with the expiration of the protection status, which was used by refugees with residence permits.

The number of refugees and living in Germany with a guaranteed residence permit for a certain period decreased for the first time in nine years. This was announced by the newspaper Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung on Monday, October 5. She referred to the reply of the federal ministry of internal affairs to the inquiry of faction of the Left party in Bundestag.

According to the newspaper, the total number of this category is 1.31 million, which is about 50 thousand less than in the past six months. At the same time, there are 450 thousand asylum seekers and persons with delayed execution of orders leaving Germany. This is 15 thousand less than in the past six months.

Reason — expiration of the protection status

The FRG Ministry of Interior specified that the current decrease in the figures is due to the withdrawal or expiration of the protection status used by this group of refugees. At the same time, “a significant part of the” no longer lives in Germany.

Earlier it was reported that the EU toughens its policy on migrants. It is planned to control the borders more strictly and to screen out illegal migrants already at the entrance to the EU, as well as to ensure more effective integration of refugees.

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