The new bear incident in Romania

At a popular ski resort in Romania, the instructor’s courage helped avert a likely tragedy after a brown bear came out to a group of skiers.

Reported by Digi24.

The incident occurred in the resort town of Predeal — a brown bear came out to a dozen skiers-tourists on the slope and approached them at a distance of literally several meters.

The animal did not show aggression, but the ski instructor, who was with the group, understood that the situation could quickly change. He ordered the people not to move, and he began to distract the bear by himself and accelerated away from the group, luring him behind him and staying at a safe distance. In ten minutes, the situation ended calmly.

The instructor managed to film the entire event on his camera. The video was posted by user Stoica Adrian.

This is not the first such case in this winter. One of the most famous happened at the end of January when a bear chased a skier who was descending a slope.

Then the guy escaped by dropping his backpack to the bear — the animal stopped to investigate it, and the skier, meanwhile, was able to break away to a safe distance.

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