The network discusses Melanie Trump’s dislike of her husband

The network discusses Melanie Trump's dislike of her husband

Yesterday, the United States hosted the final debate between 74-year-old and 79-year-old Joe Biden before the presidential elections, which will be held on November 3. To support the Republican candidate, his 50-year-old wife Melania went with him.

The couple left the White House in a good mood. Melania, for whom this public appearance was the first after recovering from the coronavirus, chose a strict black sleeveless midi dress from Christian Dior and classic black pumps from Christian Louboutin for her release.

What happened between the spouses in a few hours is unknown, but the mood of the first lady of the United States has clearly soured. Either she was unhappy with her husband’s performance at the debates (and his rating, by the way, is now lower than that of Democrat Biden), or there was some personal moment, but the network drew attention to the fact that she clearly did not want walk by the hand with her husband and pulled it back.

On Twitter, they immediately started talking about tensions in the relationship of the Trump couple. This was especially noticeable in contrast to Joe and Jill Biden, who hugged in public and did not hide their feelings.

It looks like fictitious love

— posted by one netizen.

Another joked that the song Stand By Your Man, which can be translated as “Be close to your man”, was clearly not popular in Melania’s homeland in Slovenia.

Others, however, did not see any subtext in this action of Melania. By the way, the couple returned to the White House holding hands.

At the same time, it is worth noting that Melania has repeatedly publicly rejected her husband and demonstrated her dislike for him. This was especially noticeable when a erupted over the alleged betrayal of the US president.

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