The media learned about the concealment of data on the severity of the coronavirus in Trump

After being diagnosed with the coronavirus, stayed in the hospital for only three days.

After Trump fell ill with a  infection, doctors allowed the possibility of connecting the head of the White House to a ventilator at that time, but the president’s entourage “downplayed the seriousness of the situation.” This was reported on Thursday, February 11, by The New York Times, citing sources.

“In October last year, the US authorities did not disclose information about how difficult the  disease is for Donald Trump, who at that time was the president of the country,” the newspaper writes.

According to the newspaper’s interlocutors, Trump’s condition was worse “than publicly acknowledged.” The oxygen content in his blood was low, so experts feared that he would have to be connected to artificial lung ventilation. The president also had symptoms associated with -induced pneumonia, including signs of “lung infiltration.”

Trump’s condition caused doctors “extreme concern,” but Trump’s entourage tried to “downplay the severity of the situation,” indicating that the president is on the mend, writes the NYT. According to her, due to concerns about the condition of the republican, doctors used the drug Regeneron for his treatment, although it was not fully approved at that time.

Trump announced the  infection on October 2. Later that day, he arrived at the Walter Reed Medical Center. The attending physician of the head of state, Sean Conley, said that Trump is in good health, he does not experience problems with breathing. Trump himself said three days later that he felt well and was leaving the medical facility.

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