The Japanese were afraid for the fate of the Kuril Islands after Putin’s decision

The Japanese were afraid for the fate of the Kuril Islands after Putin's decision

Readers of the Japanese newspaper Mainichi Shimbun reacted negatively to Russia’s withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty (DON) and considered that this could threaten the interests of Tokyo.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin signed a law on the denunciation of the treaty concluded in 1992. The document became one of the confidence-building measures in Europe after the Cold War, allowing the 34 participating countries to openly collect information about each other’s armed forces and activities. In May last year, the United States began the process of withdrawing from the treaty, which ended on November 22. In response to this decision, the Russian Foreign Ministry on January 15 announced the launch of domestic procedures for the denunciation of the treaty.

Some users came to the conclusion that the decision of the Russian leader allegedly will have a negative impact on the resolution of the issue of Tokyo’s territorial claims.

should not be given a single yen. It will not return the Southern Kurils. It demands money in exchange for not violating the airspace. needs to change its legislation to strengthen its defense, “ one commentator wrote.

should have agreed to the two Kuril Islands when Russia was ready for it. Now the Kremlin will not do this. Russia is a country that cannot be trusted. How will it return the islands to Japan, which is an ally of the United States? “ another user asked.

One user, who described himself as a “ former intelligence officer, “suggested that Russia had withdrawn from the treaty to” violate Japanese airspace.”

Several commentators also criticized the Japanese authorities and called on Tokyo to take a firmer stance in relations with Moscow.

can only express regret! Shouts that the weapon is not needed. Is such humane diplomacy enough? We must take measures, otherwise, it will be too late, “ the user suggested.

One of the readers expressed the opinion that the rejection of agreements and agreements often leads to wars. The user advised to put pressure on Moscow through sanctions, but at the same time to move to closer negotiations with the Russian side.

“Russia is no different from the USSR at all. Only the name was changed. I think it’s a scary country. We need to communicate with her accordingly, “ said another commentator.

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