The French will be banned from drinking in public places

In the next few weeks, the French will be banned from drinking in public places due to the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by the Prime Minister of the country, Jean Castex, reports by The Straits Times.

Presenting a plan for a new regime of self-isolation in the National Assembly of France, the prime minister condemned those who do not comply with epidemiological measures. He also stressed that the control over their compliance will be strengthened.

“If we are talking about festive gatherings and non-compliance with the curfew, or refusal to wear masks, we must prevent this. I have asked the Minister of the Interior to increase the number of police and gendarmes to monitor this, “ Castex said.

The Prime Minister recalled that it is forbidden for companies of more than six people to gather in public places. In addition, the authorities want to prohibit access to “a number of places favorable for mass gatherings.”

On March 31, French President Emmanuel Macron tightened restrictions due to the spread of the infection. The regime, which was in effect in 19 regions of France, will now be extended to all regions of the country. From next week, schools and kindergartens will be closed for three weeks, and the French will only be able to move no more than 10 kilometers from home. Travel between regions will be restricted.

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