The French parliament has finally adopted a law against “Islamist separatism”

The French parliament has finally adopted a law against “Islamist separatism”

The National Assembly finally adopted the draft law against “Islamist separatism” by its vote on July 23.

This is reported by Le Figaro / AFP.

In the final procedure, the deputies gave 49 votes “for”, 19 “against” and 5 abstained. Before that, the project had been traveling between the two houses of Parliament for seven months since its presentation.

The bill, which is called controversial, contains a number of measures on neutrality in the field of civil service and public services, combating hate speech online, protecting civil servants and teachers, strengthening control over public organizations and their funding, limiting cases when children can receive school education at home so that it does not turn into purely religious education, as well as combating such phenomena as “virginity certificates”, polygamy and forced marriages.

After the return of the draft from the Senate, the majority still relaxed measures regarding the wearing of the hijab and neutrality in universities. Restrictions on receiving home education were also milder than initially.

The extreme right and the extreme left voted against it for various reasons. In particular, the leader of the left-wing group La  insoumise, Jean-Luc Melenchon, was outraged that the law was “anti-republican” and directed against Muslims, the socialists criticized excessive distrust of the public associations, and the right — blamed lack of determination. Both the right and the left believe that the law creates risks for freedom of association.

The project was supported by the Macron party LREM and its partner’s Modem and Agir.

The opposition — both” right “and” left “ — said that it would appeal to the Constitutional Council.

The draft was approved immediately after the law on the prevention of terrorist attacks, which fixed in common law some mechanisms that appeared after the introduction of the state of emergency.

As you know, the bill has been sharply criticized in the Muslim world since its appearance. Among the state leaders, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has often spoken out against him.

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