The French Ministry of Health has undergone searches

Management’s negligent attitude towards health care management during the coronavirus pandemic led to searches at the French Ministry of Health, France3 reported on October 15.

Searches initiated by the Cours de justice republican took place in apartments and offices of management of the French Ministry of health. 80 inspectors participated in these searches and seized all documents issued by officials.

In particular, the searches were carried out on the former Prime Minister of France Edouard Philippe, the Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier Verlaine, his predecessor Agnes Bouzin, the Director-General of the General Directorate of Health of France Jerome Salomon, the former press secretary of the government of Sibeth Ndiaye, the Director-General of Public Health of France Genevieve Chen.

Earlier, in July, investigative bodies of the Republican Court of Justice began investigating complaints about poor management of health care in France during the coronavirus pandemic, which damaged the health of citizens of the Republic. Of the 94 complaints, only 9 were accepted by government officials. Those suspected of breaking the law face 2 years in prison for negligence in managing state institutions during the crisis.

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