The fourth wave of the pandemic has arrived in France

The fourth wave of the pandemic has arrived in France

The official representative of the French government, Gabriel Attal, said that a new wave of the  pandemic has covered the entire territory of the country.

Attal stressed the severity of the current epidemiological situation. The whole of has become a red zone of viral danger. At the moment, 27 thousand new cases of infection have been recorded per week, which exceeds the average incidence rate for the past week by eight thousand.

Attal also noted a specific difference between the new number of cases and the number of people in need of hospitalization, which sharply distinguishes this wave of the pandemic from the previous one.

At the same time, we note a sharp contrast between the number of new cases and the number of patients who need hospitalization, “ he said.

At the moment, more than 500 thousand doses of the Moderna  are received daily in French healthcare institutions.

Earlier it was reported that the prosecutor’s office of Montpellier instructed the police to investigate the cause of death of a 22-year-old Frenchman who died a few hours after being vaccinated against a  infection.

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