The first smartphone with the side camera has been invented

The first smartphone with the side camera has been invented

Oppo has patented the first smartphone with a camera built into the side panel. This is reported by the Dutch publication LetsGoDigital.

Information about the patent was found in the database of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). According to the scheme, the end of the phone is made the hole for the camera, through which the device will be able to shoot at the side of the object.

The description of the patent says that this invention will allow photos and video on smartphones from different angles. For example, when moving the object to the side, the phone won’t have to turn, because the object will fall into the field of view of the side camera. Also, such a design will allow you to take three-dimensional pictures.

According to the engineers of Oppo, such a solution is inexpensive and does not require an additional lens. On the side of the gadget will be a system of mirrors, while the image will be shot on the main camera.

“As soon as the camera detects that an object is moving to the right outside the frame, the mirror will rotate, and the side camera will be activated to continue capturing the event in full focus,” the patent description notes. Whether Oppo intends to apply this invention in real smartphones, is not reported.

Earlier, journalists learned about Samsung’s invention of a stylus with the camera built into it. The description of the patent states that the invention significantly expands the functionality of the stylus for smartphones.

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