The European Commission is analyzing the situation with a massive cyber attack

The European Commission has not identified signs of a compromise on its computer systems, a spokesman for a European authority told AFP. At the same time, the European Commission announced that it is aware of the “global cyber threat to supply systems” and is analyzing the situation.

A spokesman for the European Commission told AFP that it has only one working copy of the SolarWinds software and has not been affected by the hacker attack. Microsoft earlier announced that it had found compromised networks outside the United States, including in Belgium, where the European Commission is headquartered.

Hackers who exploited a vulnerability in SolarWinds programs were reported last week. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that with a high degree of probability Russia is behind the hack, before that The Washington Post also reported on Russia’s involvement in the attacks. The Kremlin denies Russian involvement, and US President Donald Trump admits may have been behind the hacks.

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