The EU has been subjected to a serious cyberattack

A number of bodies, including the European Commission, were subjected to a massive cyberattack last week. This is reported by Bloomberg.

According to the EC representative, the institutions faced “an incident in the field of IT in their IT infrastructure.” Currently, experts are investigating the circumstances of the incident, so there is no final assessment of the nature of the attack yet.

“We work closely with the computer emergency response team for all institutions, bodies, and agencies, as well as with the supplier of the affected IT product. So far, no serious information leaks have been found, “ the EC said.

According to an agency source familiar with the situation, the incident turned out to be more serious than normal attacks, so senior EC officials were informed about the incident. This information was confirmed by another representative of the European Union.

According to the agency, at least two serious cyberattacks on Western organizations have been revealed recently.

Earlier, experts named the main cyber threats of 2021. So, attackers can break into home systems, since many companies are still on the remote site.

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