The driver of the Russian diplomat stole bicycles for 100 thousand euros

In Strasbourg, France, an employee of the Russian Embassy was caught stealing bicycles and then reselling them. One of his victims was even a former local official. The Russian was detained, but after a while, he was released to the Russian Federation. This is reported by  Bleu.

The thief was the driver of one of the Russian diplomats. He mostly stole electric bikes. The French say that the Russian “earned” about 100 thousand euros on this.

The began after the electric bike of the former first deputy mayor of Strasbourg was stolen on the street near the French representation of the Council of Europe. A few days later, he found his bike on one of the sites at half price.

The police agreed with the “seller” to “ buy “ a bicycle, and he made an appointment in front of the entrance to the Russian consulate. As soon as he left the building, the police immediately arrested him. After some time, he was released from custody.

But as soon as the French law enforcement officers wanted to call him, the Russian diplomatic institution reported that he had returned to Russia allegedly because of health problems.

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