The doctor spoke about the state of Trump

US President is currently feeling very well, his health is improving, experts are pleased with the progress. This was stated on Saturday at a briefing for journalists by the head of state’s attending physician Sean Conley.

“The President is doing very well this [Saturday] morning. At this point, the [specialist] team and I are very pleased with the President’s progress,” said Conley, speaking to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center, where the President is receiving treatment.

“I feel [so good] that I can leave [the hospital] today,” another doctor, Sean Dooley, quoted Trump as saying. “He is in an exceptionally good mood,” the specialist added.

Sean Conley did not specify the exact timing of the discharge of the head of state from the military medical center. He stressed that Trump will undergo a five-day course of taking the antiviral drug Remdesivir. In addition, according to Conley, the head of the state does not currently experience breathing problems.

At the same time, Conley emphasized several times that Trump’s fever had subsided, and he was not receiving oxygen support. He also pointed out that doctors have been monitoring the health of the head of state for about 72 hours. This could mean that the disease was discovered on Wednesday, the leader of the White House announced the infection on the night of Thursday to Friday.

The doctor said that the head of the state regularly undergoes ultrasound examinations. He was asked if lung injury from infection was found at diagnosis. “I won’t go into details of these results,” Conley replied.

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