The crew of the Tom Cruise film “Mission Impossible 7” refused to continue working

The crew of the film “Mission Impossible 7” refused to continue working after the imposed new quarantine restrictions due to the epidemic.

Starting on Sunday, February 14, all visitors to the from abroad will have to spend a 10-day quarantine at the hotel and pay for it out of pocket in the amount of 1,750 pounds. Members of the film crew, who had flown to the United Arab Emirates the day before, refused to continue working and decided to return home before the new rules come into force. The management had to hire a private jet to take the team to London.

“Team morale has really fallen and a lot of young employees who don’t make a lot of money just aren’t sure it’s worth it,” a source told the British tabloid Daily Mail. It seems that this time is faced with a truly impossible mission: shoot the film under coronavirus restrictions and release it in November 2021.

In December, the network got an audio recording in which the actor shouted at employees who were standing at the computer closer than a meter from each other. After that, five members of the team left, and Tom Cruise bought two robots that make sure that the members of the crew observe the social distance, and spent several million dollars to transfer the filming from the Warner Brothers studio to a military base in the suburbs of London, equipped according to the strictest quarantine requirements.

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