The conflict between Greece and Turkey erupts again

The dispute between the countries around the sea shelf subsided after the withdrawal of Turkish ships, but now they have been returned.

Turkey and Greece are again in conflict over the dispatch of the Turkish research vessel Oruc Reis to the Greek sea shelf near the Greek island of Kastelorizo.

The dispatch of the ship became known on Monday, October 12.

In response, Athens and Paris announced a provocation by Turkey and demanded that this issue be considered at the EU Council meeting.

In Ankara, they also stated that their ship conducts reconnaissance in 15 km from Turkey and 425 km from the Greek continent.

“The Greek Foreign Ministry in its statement today put forward unfounded claims that are incompatible with international law. It is unacceptable to object that our country with the longest coast in the Eastern Mediterranean operates 15 km from the mainland,” the statement said.

Ankara expects Athens to “give up its maximalist demands and stop the exercises and military actions that increase tension in the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

Recall that Turkey has decided to conduct seismic surveys in the disputed waters in the eastern Mediterranean Sea near Cyprus, despite protests from Greece. Athens was supported in this issue by the EU, in particular by France. The dispute subsided when Turkey withdrew its research vessel, but now it has been resumed.

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