The British will not remain in Afghanistan after the departure of the US military

The British will not remain in Afghanistan after the departure of the US military

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said that the British military and local mission staff should leave Afghanistan before the withdrawal of US troops, which should end on August 31, otherwise there will be no technical basis for carrying out export flights.

“I don’t think there is a chance to stay after the United States. Now the bill goes for hours, not weeks. We must use every minute to get people out, “the BBC quoted Wallace as saying.

His deputy, James Happy, said that 6,631 people were evacuated to the from Afghanistan over the past week, and nine more flights are planned for the next day. Now, according to him, there are about 1.8 thousand Britons left in Afghanistan, 2.3 thousand Afghans who worked for the British government, and “a wider list of representatives of civil society whom we would like to take out.”

According to him, now people who have been recognized as representatives of banned movements and organizations are trying to get on planes flying to the UK, so it is impossible to organize such flights without a preflight inspection.

A representative of the “Taliban” Suhail Shaheen announced August 31 as the deadline for the withdrawal of United States forces. According to him, the extension of the withdrawal period will mean an “expansion of the occupation” on the part of the Americans. The Taliban announced the establishment of control over Afghanistan on August 15.

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