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Japanese PM confirms North Korea missile launches

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga confirmed the data on the launch of ballistic missiles by North Korea.

He noted that a total of two missiles were launched from the territory of the DPRK, which fell outside the exclusive economic zone of Japan.

Japan also protested in connection with the launches conducted by North Korea.

“(Launches) threaten the peace and security of our country and the region. This is a violation of UN Security Council resolutions,” Suga said.

Earlier, Japan announced the possible launch of a ballistic missile by the DPRK. At the same time, the Japanese government expressed the opinion that the launches are “a serious threat to the world community.”

After that, a source in the US administration announced that the DPRK had conducted two launches of ballistic missiles.

EU imposes sanctions on two Russian citizens over “gay purges”

The European Union has imposed sanctions on Chechen Deputy Prime Minister and unofficial security guard Kadyrov Abuzayd Vismuradov and former police chief Argun Ayub Katayev over the persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya.

The decision to impose sanctions on Monday was approved by the EU foreign ministers, later it was published in the Official Journal of the EU — this means that the sanctions have entered into force.

The sanctions were introduced under a new EU mechanism that punishes human rights violators. Before that, the mechanism was used only once to punish four Russians in connection with the situation around the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

The sanctions include visa bans and asset freezes. The sanctions list includes only 11 human rights violators and 4 organizations from China, Russia, Eritrea, North Korea, South Sudan, and Libya.

The EU explained that Vismuradov had been the head of the special rapid reaction unit “Terek” since 2012. In this position, he personally supervised the large-scale and systematic persecution of LGBT people in Chechnya. For the same reasons, the sanctions were imposed on Ayub Katayev, the ex-head of the police in the Chechen city of Argun.

Sanctions against four people and one organization from China were imposed for human rights violations in Xinjiang Province.

Kim Jong-un says the US is the main enemy of the DPRK

The leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un called the United States the main enemy of North Korea. It is reported by the Central Telegraph Agency of Korea.

According to him, Washington’s policy towards Pyongyang will not change regardless of who will be in leading positions in the US administration.

Kim Jong-un noted that only by abandoning its “hostile intentions” the United States of America can improve relations with the DPRK.

US Treasury expands the list of sanctions on North Korea

The DPRK authorities continue to bypass the United Nations ban on coal exports, Washington said.

The US Treasury has added six companies and four vessels to the sanctions list against the DPRK. This is stated in a press release from the department, released on Tuesday, December 8.

It is noted that the legal entities added to the “black” list are based, in particular, in the UK, Vietnam, and China. With their help, according to the head of the Ministry Stephen Mnuchin, the North Korean authorities continue to bypass the UN ban on coal exports — their main source of funding for the program to create weapons of mass destruction.

In addition, forced labor of prisoners is used in the mining industry of the DPRK, according to a press release.

Recall that inclusion in the sanctions list means a freeze of assets in the United States and a ban for American citizens or companies from doing business with its persons involved.

In July, the European Union reportedly extended sanctions against North Korea for another year due to Pyongyang’s ongoing development of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

Earlier, the regime of unilateral sanctions against North Korea by US President Donald Trump was also extended for a year due to the threat of North Korea’s policy to the national security of the States.

Kim Jong-un bans fishing due to fears of COVID-19 outbreak

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has banned fishing and salt mining in the sea. He decided that the coronavirus infection was spreading through the waters of the world’s oceans. Writes about this Daily Star.

According to the official version, not a single case of Covid-19 has been recorded in the DPRK since the beginning of the pandemic. However, defectors report that this is not true. Thousands of sick people. All of them are taken to reservations and left there without medical assistance or food. According to those who escaped from the totalitarian country, people die more from hunger than from coronavirus.

It is forbidden to talk about this in the country. You can’t even pronounce the words “coronavirus” and “infectious disease”.