A tank and a self-propelled gun were handed over to the Czech police during the arms amnesty

A resident of the Czech Republic reported to the police that he owned a pink T 34/85 tank and an SD-100 self-propelled artillery system, but law enforcement officers decided to leave the weapon to the owner.

According to the police, the man took advantage of the weapons amnesty and presented military equipment for examination. He has been its rightful owner since 1990, but now he has begun to doubt that it is sufficiently well-groomed.

According to the press secretary of the Czech police, Irina Kormashova, the examination revealed that the pink-painted tank and the artillery installation were not sufficiently deactivated in accordance with the current regulations.

“Therefore, both were transferred from the category of “safe material” to the category of “prohibited weapons,” she explained.

The police decided to leave the military equipment to the owner, as the man promised to deactivate it in the near future to the necessary legal norm.

Scandal: Czech Deputy Prime Minister called Russia to build nuclear power plants

The opposition demands to dismiss the Minister of Industry Karel Havlicek for ignoring the demands of the special services

Five opposition parties in the Czech parliament are calling for the removal of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Industry, Trade, and Transport Karel Havlicek, who invited Russia to participate in the construction of a new unit of the Dukovany nuclear power plant.

This was reported on April 1 by iDnes.

The parties “Pirates”, TOP 09, “Measures and Independence”, the Civil Democratic Party, and the Christian Democratic Union-Czechoslovak People’s Party recalled that for national security purposes, the Czech intelligence service demanded that China and Russia be excluded from the tender.

However, the Russian energy giant Rosatom was among the four potential partners of the nuclear program, along with EDF (France), Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (South Korea), and Westinghouse Electric (USA-Japan).

“Minister Havlicek bypassed the government, bypassed the agreement that was in the hall of the Chamber of Deputies, and invited Russia to the so–called security review,” said the leader of the “Pirates” Ivan Bartos.

He also recalled the scandal with the dismissal of the government commissioner for atomic Energy Yaroslav Mila, who opposed the participation of Rosatom in the program.

In turn, the chairman of the Civic Democratic Party, Petr Fiala, called Russia’s admission to the project “an extremely dangerous and short-sighted step”, as well as” games with national security and the future “ of the country. He also recalled that the Kremlin is trying to strengthen its position in Central Europe in every possible way.

Earlier, another scandal broke out in the Czech Republic-President Milos Zeman demanded to dismiss ministers who oppose the simplified legalization of the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus “Sputnik V”. The opposition called him an imbecile for this.

In Alaska, a helicopter crashed: the richest man in the Czech Republic was killed

In the United States, a helicopter carrying guests and guides of the Tordillo Mountain Lodge company, which provides mountain recreation services, crashed in Alaska. Five people were killed, one was hospitalized in serious condition. Among the dead is the richest man in the Czech Republic, billionaire Peter Kellner.

The Eurocopter AS50 helicopter crashed near the city of Butte in Alaska under unknown circumstances on the evening of March 28. Rescuers arrived at the scene and found the bodies of five victims and one victim, the Associated Press reports.

The company has already stated that this is the first such case with their helicopter in 17 years of operation.

The helicopter was owned by Soloy Helicopters, with which Tordillo Mountain Lodge signed a contract for transportation.

An investigation into the crash has been launched, and flights over the crash site have been temporarily suspended.

At the same time, Reuters learned that among the dead — the richest man in the Czech Republic, Peter Kellner. His fortune is estimated at $17.5 billion.

As you know, back in 2018, the Czech billionaire intended to buy the Chelsea football club, owned by Abramovich. Their VIP boxes at the stadium are located nearby.

Recall that as a result of the crash of a military helicopter in Turkey, nine people were killed, four more were seriously injured.

We also wrote that in the United States, a military helicopter crashed in Monroe County, New York, with three people on board.

In Germany, predicted the “most severe” wave of the pandemic

The third wave of the pandemic in Germany may be “the most severe,” said Lothar Wheeler, head of the Robert Koch Institute. According to him, the next rampant coronavirus in the country is caused by the spread of the “British” strain of infection.

A couple of weeks ago, Wheeler acknowledged the onset of the third wave of the pandemic in Germany. The statement was made on the basis of the growing dynamics of coronavirus infections in the country.

Scientists of the institute noted that in January and February in Germany, there was a downward trend in COVID-19 diseases. In March, the situation changed. The indicators for the infection of citizens with the infection began to grow again. Experts then suggested that a new strain of the virus, which is characterized by a higher rate of spread, began to rage in the country.

Last week, the representative of the European Commission, Dana Spinant, said that European countries are covered by the third wave of the pandemic. According to her, somewhere the infection spreads gradually, somewhere at a rapid pace. Spirant stressed that the current situation suggests the need to speed up vaccination of the population. The statement of the representative of the European Commission was made against the background of an increase in the number of infections in Finland, Poland, France, Estonia, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, and other countries.

Seven EU countries have come out in defense of nuclear power in Europe

The heads of state and government of the seven EU countries defended nuclear energy in Europe.

This is reported by Le Figaro.

The English-language letter, signed by French President Emmanuel Macron and the Prime Ministers of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, was released on Thursday and is an “urgent call to ensure a level playing field for nuclear energy in the EU, without excluding it from climate and energy policies and benefits.”

The call comes in the midst of a debate in Brussels over a future European green “taxonomy” that should condition access to finance, and therefore investment, for many years to come.

Some countries advocate the inclusion of nuclear power for its climate benefits with very low CO2 emissions. Other countries, such as Germany and Austria, are against it.

The signatories of the letter ask for their part that the European energy and Climate policy support always to achieve climate neutrality in accordance with the principle of technological neutrality. They also emphasize the “important contribution (of nuclear energy) to the fight against climate change” and see it as a means of supporting the development of renewable sources and hydrogen, without forgetting about jobs.

Member States have very different visions of the role of nuclear power in the future. Germany decided to abandon it after the Fukushima disaster. On the other hand, countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic rely on it to limit the consumption of coal, which is very polluting and emits greenhouse gases.