A tank and a self-propelled gun were handed over to the Czech police during the arms amnesty

A resident of the reported to the police that he owned a pink T 34/85 tank and an SD-100 self-propelled artillery system, but law enforcement officers decided to leave the weapon to the owner.

According to the police, the man took advantage of the weapons amnesty and presented military equipment for examination. He has been its rightful owner since 1990, but now he has begun to doubt that it is sufficiently well-groomed.

According to the press secretary of the Czech police, Irina Kormashova, the examination revealed that the pink-painted tank and the artillery installation were not sufficiently deactivated in accordance with the current regulations.

“Therefore, both were transferred from the category of “safe material” to the category of “prohibited weapons,” she explained.

The police decided to leave the military equipment to the owner, as the man promised to deactivate it in the near future to the necessary legal norm.

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