Switzerland wants to ban clothing that covers the face

In Switzerland, they want to ban wearing clothing that covers the face in public.

According to the BBC, a referendum has begun on the introduction of the ban.

After the initiative collected more than 100 thousand signatures, a nationwide vote became possible.

If the ban is approved, wearing clothes that cover the face will not be allowed at work, on public transport, in shops, restaurants, and even football fans in stadiums.

However, the country believes that the introduction of the ban will jeopardize freedom of religion in Switzerland, since there may be a ban on the niqab, burqa, “Palestinian headscarf” and other similar clothing.

According to the survey results, the opinions of the Swiss are divided: 49% of respondents intend to vote against the ban, 47% — for. Another 4% were undecided.

In June 2016, a referendum on “unconditional payments” was held in Switzerland. Then the majority of the county’s residents voted against a basic income of 2,500 francs per month, which was offered regardless of whether the Swiss worked.

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