Switzerland proposed to introduce a ban on bans due to coronavirus

Activists in have proposed a ban on government bans due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Writes about this The Wall Street Journal.

Members of the Friends of the Constitution have already collected enough signatures to hold a referendum to deprive the Confederation of the right to impose isolation and other  restrictions.

The signatures have already been transferred to the Federal Chancellery in Bern. The referendum may take place in June 2021.

Last week, the country’s authorities tightened restrictions and extended them until the end of February. All shops, except for those selling essential goods, were closed, all employees are now required to transfer to remote work.

In late December, opponents of in decided to postpone until spring. Like-minded people were urged to come to terms with the authorities’ ban on holding demonstrations in Berlin. They had to pass against the backdrop of the strictest restrictions in the entire history of the country. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged Germans not to see their relatives in person, even during the Christmas celebrations.

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