Switzerland decided to use the army to fight COVID-19

The Swiss government is deploying about 2,500 military personnel to fight the pandemic.

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On November 4, the Swiss Federal Council (Government) decided to use 2,500 troops in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

The reason for this was a record increase in the incidence in the country — over the past day, more than 10 thousand new cases of infection were detected there.

“In connection with the second wave of the pandemic, the number of cases is increasing sharply. The number of patients in hospitals, including intensive care units, has increased. The authorities of a number of cantons have asked for help from the army. In this situation, the Federal Council decided to support the public health sector by mobilizing up to 2,500 military personnel from the support service, ” the government said.

The military will assist civilian hospitals and healthcare facilities. First of all, they will provide ambulances and act as drivers.

The government’s decision to involve the army in the fight against the pandemic will be valid until March 31, 2021.

Over the past day, 10,043 new cases of  infection were detected in Switzerland, 247 people were hospitalized. During the pandemic, the total number of infected people was 191 703, and 8 039 people were hospitalized.

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