Sweden and Denmark stop Johnson & Johnson vaccination

and stop vaccination against with Johnson & Johnson. It’s all about the risk of thrombosis after using the vaccine.

According to the local newspaper Ekstrabladet, the Danish authorities intend to wait for the conclusions of the European Medicines Agency regarding the safety of the drug.

The same decision was made by the Swedish Health Authority. This is probably due to cases of thrombosis among patients vaccinated by the American development.

“The American manufacturer has suspended the supply of the Janssen vaccine to Europe. To date, 31 thousand doses have been delivered to Sweden, but none of them are distributed for vaccination. The Swedish Health Authority is currently awaiting the results of an ongoing investigation… Until then, it is not recommended to use doses of the vaccine, ” the ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, the media reported that the European Commission in 2022 will not extend the contracts for the supply of vaccines to AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson.

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