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Sputnik vaccine scandal in Slovakia

In Slovakia, the SAS coalition party has put forward a demand for the resignation of Prime Minister Igor Matovic by March 24 and otherwise threatens to withdraw from the coalition.

This is reported by Noviny.

The ultimatum from the SAS came despite the fact that the resignation of Health Minister Marek Krajci last week seemed to have already opened the way to a way out of the political crisis.

SAS leader, current Economy Minister Richard Sulik. He said that Igor Matovich and the previous head of the Ministry of Health failed to fight the epidemic and called the prime minister’s policy “chaos”.

“This prime minister divides society, he is in with the president, with scientists, with local authorities, and the media … We can no longer support the Matovic government, “ Sulik said.

At the same time, the party opposes early elections and does not demand to give the post of the prime minister to another political force.

“We do not question that the position of prime minister belongs to OaNOAno, and if they nominate a worthy candidate, for example, Finance Minister Eduard Heger, we are ready to discuss it,” Richard Sulik said.

Recall that Heger was temporarily assigned the duties of the Minister of Health after the resignation of Marek Krajci — it was he who granted emergency permission to use Sputnik.

The political in Slovakia was triggered by the government’s purchase of 2 million doses of the Russian  vaccine.

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