Spain is considering imposing a curfew due to epidemic

In some regions of the country, including the capital, the situation with the coronavirus has worsened. The authorities admit the tightening of the quarantine.

In Spain, the government is considering imposing curfews in some regions due to the worsening coronavirus epidemic. It was reported by Reuters on Tuesday, October 20.

The Spanish Ministry of Health is considering tightening quarantine in regions that are now the worst in terms of coronavirus infection, including the capital Madrid. Measures may include the imposition of a curfew. It is considered at the local level, but without decrees, governments cannot act.

To impose a curfew, a state of emergency must be returned, and this can only be done by parliament, where disagreements between parties are raging.

Today, the country has announced 13.8 thousand new cases of coronavirus. In recent weeks, the country has begun a rapid increase in the incidence after the summer recession.

Recall that an entire province is being isolated in due to the coronavirus. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Navarra, with a population of about 650 thousand people, about 25.8 thousand cases have been identified.

It was also reported that restrictions were imposed in Ibiza due to the coronavirus. The authorities do not plan to limit passenger traffic to the island, whose income is largely dependent on tourists.

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