SpaceX will launch a Canadian satellite into space to display ads from orbit

SpaceX will launch a Canadian satellite into space to display ads from orbit

Canadian technology startup Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC) plans to provide services for advertising broadcasts from space. For this purpose, with the help of SpaceX, a compact satellite CubeSat will be delivered into orbit, from which the ads will be demonstrated.

According to reports, GEC specialists are currently developing a future satellite, on one side of which is placed a pixel screen. It will be used to display ads from orbit. To display information on the display it is planned to use several special tokens, responsible for the display of pixels on the X and Y axes, their brightness and color, as well as the duration of the show.

The problem is that the CubeSat is a miniature satellite, so it is extremely difficult to see from the surface of the Earth, placed on its display. Instead, the apparatus is planned to be equipped with a selfie stick with a camera, which will be directed to the screen. Video shot in this way in real-time will be broadcast on YouTube or Twitch.

GEC customers will be able to buy advertising tokens for cryptocurrency, including Ethereum and Dogecoin. The company explained this approach by the desire to make services more accessible. A Falcon 9 carrier rocket is to be used to deliver the spacecraft into space, the launch of which should take place early next year.

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