Slovakian authorities extend the emergency regime for 40 days

The decision to extend the emergency regime was made due to the worsening epidemiological situation in Slovakia.

The Government of Slovakia, at its meeting, held online, extended the state of emergency (ES) restored in the republic on October 1, 2020, due to the worsening epidemiological situation due to the spread of coronavirus, which expired on February 8, for another 40 days … This was announced on Friday, February 5, by the Slovak TV channel TA3.

This regime was introduced on October 1 and is being extended for the third time. Now the Czech parliament must approve or cancel the decision of the country’s government. For this, the legislature is given 20 days.

“There is no doubt that the deputies of the highest legislative body will support the government’s initiative aimed at curbing the spread of the  in the republic,” say, experts, whose opinion is broadcast by TAZ.

In Slovakia, restrictive measures aimed at reducing social contacts of citizens were tightened on January 1. It is mandatory to wear medical in the country. Violators of the sanitary and epidemiological rules face fines of up to 20 thousand euros.

In Slovakia, whose population is about 5.5 million citizens, the total number of people infected with  during the pandemic was 259,533. 5,050 residents of the country died. At the moment, 3,376 infected people have been hospitalized in the republic, of which 293 are connected to artificial lung ventilation devices.

In the republic, on December 26 last year, vaccination against  began. At the moment, 168 395 residents have been vaccinated.

We will remind you, the Parliament of Slovakia introduced a fine of €10,000 in the country for violating the priority of vaccination against  using official position.

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