Shops in France postponed Black Friday for a week

Major French retailers and e-commerce stores have agreed to postpone Black Friday promotions scheduled for November 27 by one week.

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This is reported by Le Parisien.

“This unanimous to postpone the deadline until December 4 was made to allow the early reopening of stores with maximum health safety,” the companies and the French Ministry of said in a joint statement.

However, the postponement will be valid only “subject to the resumption of the shops by that time”, that is, from 4 December.

“We are on the right track to consider reopening around December 1,” Prime Minister Jean Castex said Friday afternoon.

The government is developing a new protocol that could allow stores to open. In particular, it is proposed to increase the area by one person to 8 square meters, however, for example, a mother with a child can be considered one visitor.

Customer counting will also become mandatory for areas over 400 m2. In return, stores will be allowed to operate on Sundays and extended hours, possibly until the end of January.

Earlier, the French Minister of Health said that the country had passed the peak of the second wave and took the epidemic under control, but urged not to relax its vigilance.

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