Sex scandal in the Australian Ministry of Defense has reached a new stage

Minister to pay compensation to the rape victim

The sex scandal that broke out in the Australian Ministry of Defense has received an unexpected continuation. We will remind you that here four women accused the employee of the staff of the Ministry of Defense of sexual crimes. Defence Secretary Linda Reynolds denied the allegations but was forced to give evidence in Parliament. But the day before, she had insulted one of the applicants, calling her a “lying cow”.

According to the Australian military department, now their boss compensates the offended Brittany Higgins for moral damage. The minister must publicly apologize to Higgins, pay her compensation, and pay off the legal costs. In addition, Linda Reynolds is required to make a donation to an anti-sexual assault charity.

Brittany Higgins — the same former employee of the ministry, who after resigning made a statement that she was raped by one of her colleagues directly in the office of Reynolds. The minister was on sick leave at the time. It was there that she called her former subordinate a “lying cow” — this became known to the public.

The Prime Minister of said that he does not accept such behavior from his subordinates. However, he did not demand the dismissal of the Defense Minister. So the Linda Reynolds scandal is over. But the sex crimes scandal in the ministry continues.

Meanwhile, the US Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, was accused of sexual harassment by three women at once. And in Ireland, an has begun against Conor McGregor. The incident probably occurred in December 2018.

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