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Seven more people accused the star of the series “Doctor Who” Noel Clark of the harassment

Seven more people accused the star of the series "Doctor Who" Noel Clark of the harassment

British actor Adam Deacon has joined the accusations of harassment and bullying that were brought against the actor, screenwriter, and director Noel Clarke by 20 women who worked with him on the set. Deacon starred with Clark in the “Punks” trilogy. The films brought Adam success and fame, as well as a BAFTA award in 2012. But soon after, his promising career took a turn for the worse, and Deacon blames Clark for it.

“I’ve been a victim of Noel Clarke for the last 15 years. He created obstacles for my career. This has taken a serious turn and has undermined my mental health, ” Deacon wrote on social media. — I support all the women who have come out against Clark and talked about how he abuses his power. I believe absolutely every word these women say.”

It’s not the first time Deacon has publicly accused Clark of harassment. In 2015, he sued Clark, claiming that he sabotaged his career. However, the court ruled in Clark’s favor when it learned that Deacon suffers from a bipolar personality disorder. Deacon was found guilty of harassment without violence, and as a punishment, the court banned him from communicating with Clark.

“I have spoken out against Clark many times before, but no one took my words seriously. People suffering from mental illness may not always be able to communicate their message clearly, but this does not mean that their words cannot be believed. His appalling abuse of power has affected many people, and it might not have happened if my words had been taken seriously, ” Deacon added.

The victims told The Guardian about Clark’s harassment. They claim that the actor touched them in intimate places, sent indecent photos, and also insisted on additional erotic scenes that were not originally in the script. One of the victims called Clark a predator. Among those who have publicly come forward with accusations against Clark are producer Gina Powell, actress Joanna James, and assistant director Anna Avramenko. The latter worked together with Clark in 2009 on the film “Hit!” According to Anna, the actor molested her on the set and repeatedly tried to kiss her, ignoring her refusals.

The case has been referred to the police, but an cannot be initiated due to the fact that many of the charges were made anonymously. Since the damning article was published, six other people have accused Clark of inappropriate behavior, including former students at the London School of Dramatic Art.

The head and founder of the school, Jake Taylor, said that Clark, who taught acting at the school, at one of the seminars forced the students to undress as a practical exercise. When the incident became public, Clark was fired. The actor’s lawyers argued that there was no sexual connotation in the exercise: it was aimed at students to challenge their fears and not hesitate to undress on camera.

Clark denies all the charges. “In my 20-year film career, I have always put inclusivity and diversity first. Those who worked with me never complained about me. If someone has experienced a lack of comfort or respect in working with me, then I sincerely apologize. But I categorically deny any sexual crimes and intend to defend myself against these false accusations, ” Clark said in his appeal.

Whatever the case, the harassment charges will have consequences for Clark’s career. The organizers of the BAFTA awards deprived the actor of an honorary award for his contribution to the development of cinema. In addition, the British TV channels ITV and Sky refused to broadcast series with the actor.

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